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Hoggs of Fife moleskins are recognised, by their customers, as being the best moleskin trousers available today in the UK. Hoggs customers, who typically spend large parts of their lives out of doors, know what something is worth, and appreciate Hoggs straightforward and honest approach to delivering fit for purpose products, with the result that Hoggs moleskins are the most popular in the UK today.

What's more, they are far from being the most expensive, largely because Hoggs believe in offering genuine value for money, and also probably because they do not spend huge sums of money on expensive marketing campaigns, meaning that all their efforts go into producing the best products possible!

Moleskin is a form of brushed cotton, and is available in a range of different grades. However, Hoggs use only the best available, meaning their moleskin trouser provides the best combination of warmth, durability and comfort. The deep texture of the fabric helps trap air, providing an insulating, duvet-like warmth in winter, whilst the breathability of the cotton itself keeps you cool in summer.

These properties are important for the outdoor life that many Hoggs customers follow, whether they are country professionals or enthusiasts. Nowadays however Hoggs moleskins are appreciated by more and more people, especially who appreciate the practical properties of moleskin, including its warmth and comfort.

Increasingly also, as we become more and more aware of the costs and environmental impact of lavishly heated homes and offices, more and more of us are coming to appreciate the importance of practical garments such as Hoggs moleskins.