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Reviews for Rannoch Veldtschoen Boot

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Fantastic Boots And Value
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I have had these boots for a couple of months now and have been tremendously impressed - the quality and robustness of construction, the comfort, the look, and of course, the price. I don't worry about the weather (I live in Canada), the salt or the cold. They are easy to care for and keep looking great.
Sam Goodwin   |   March 16, 2019

Spot-on Boots
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Just got these boots - perfect Hoggs fit (as usual) - half sizes, wide fitting - what more could a chap ask for - highly recommended.
Mark   |   October 11, 2017

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This summer I had two weeks walking in the Austrian Alps where I wore these boots for up to 12 hrs a day. I find that they are much more comfortable than my usual padded heavy mountain boots. They give me the same ankle support and a similar grip, even when scrambling. A quick wash and they are ready to wear to the restaurant in the evening. In fact they were the only footwear that I took with me.
Bob Murray   |   March 05, 2017

Rannoch Boot
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This is my second pair - first pair has lasted 25 years, absolutely wonderful for shooting and normal hill stalking. Very comfortable, light and well made. Much easier to use than the heavily padded continental boots and just as comfortable around the ankle.Service from the company has always been excellent. My only complaint is that they no longer repair these boots themselves.
Colin Sach   |   November 17, 2016

PS: Veldtschoen Boots
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By the way, (do read my review on the Veldtschoen Boots on 9th June, '14) and thought that perhaps you would like to know that the ROXBURGH Shoes are exactly the same fitting! Another point, since they are made using Leather which is specially tanned, and also Leather lined, the temperature/ humidity ballance is maintained in both hot and cool weather, in fact all weathers, and that is of course British weather, sometimes in the space of one day!
Rev Tom van Kan   |   September 07, 2016

Simply Excellent
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Like other reviewers I had been meaning to buy a pair of these boots for some time and wish I had bought them sooner. I have only had them for a few months but they are extremely well made and are the most comfortable boots I have worn. I highly recommend them. Don't wait, get a pair now!
Justin Charlton-Jones   |   December 13, 2014

Excellent Customer Service
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In my experience the customer service provided by this company is second to none. I bought a pair of Rannoch Boots in April 2014. rnThey are excellent boots. However one of the shoes had a defect resulting in a serious water leak. The fault didn’t show up until wet weather encountered in early August 2014. One phone call and two days later a new pair arrived. Also provided was paid postage collection and return details and label. That’s how to look after customers.
Adam Henderson   |   August 12, 2014

Hoggs 'Rannock' Veldtschoen Boots,
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Having contemplated a pair of these boots for, in fact, some years, I decided one just had to try them out. One requirement was that I needed to have something to help me walk properly again. When I first put them on my first thought? Well, it was 'what took me so long'! These are the very best Boots I have ever had, they are perfect for absolutely anything one might get up to in any weather conditions, rain or shine! I do love 'clothes you can live in', and these are part of that kind of wardrobe. They are so well made, top quality leather, excellent finish. Perfect for both Country life and pursuits, and well, all the time actually.But you ought to have two pairs really, so as you can 'rest' them occasionally !
Rev Tom van Kan   |   June 09, 2014

Boots For Life
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I have tested these boots on both the moors of Scotland and the restaurants of Chelsea! Versatile and brilliant.
H Livingstone   |   January 24, 2014

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A really comfortable boot. My pair came with leather soles and when they wore down, Hoggs replaced them with commando soles. A boot you can wear all day whether for active or leisure wear.
Neil MacDonald   |   January 11, 2014

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