There’s nothing quite like taking a scenic stroll in the fresh air. A time to soak up breath-taking views and reflect, there’s so many incredible landscapes the UK alone has to offer. With a National Trust membership in tow, you can open yourself up to hundreds of free visits. And now we’ve summed up some of most ideal sites, both for walking abilities and interests in all corners of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Dunham Massey

Dunham Massey Hall
Dunham Massey Hall

Catch sight of beautiful wildlife in the form of Dunham Massey’s gorgeous herd of deer. Not only that, Dunham Massey is also home to stunning gardens and a house packed full of history.

  • Facilities: Enjoy convenient parking and free tours around the house and gardens.
  • Unique Trivia: Dunham Massey is home to Britain’s largest all seasons garden, offering stunning foliage throughout the year, including winter.
  • Type of Walker: One for the slowpokes, there’s plenty to stop and look at in Dunham Massey in fairly close quarters.


With its ancient temples and tranquil, steady waters, Stourhead sits proudly in Wiltshire. Spanning over 2.5 thousand acres, you can be rest assured there are also some incredible routes to walk as you make your way around the lakes and colourful foliage.

  • Facilities: Benefit from a variety of foodie spots, including restaurants, pubs and an ice cream parlour. Park your car and bring along man’s best friend at set times in the day.
  • Unique Trivia: If you fancy meeting the resident, overly confident ducks, lay out your picnic blanket and they’ll soon make your acquaintance.
  • Type of Walker: Perfect for families with young dawdlers right up to the dedicated walker, there are a number of routes you can take depending on your abilities and the time you have.


Tredegar House

Tredegar House
Tredegar House

Journey into Wales and pay a visit to Tredegar House with its acres of lands to explore. From the house and perfectly kept gardens to the 90 acres of parkland readily available to adventure through. There are also plenty of activities to take part in, including crafting and kayaking.

  • Facilities: Enjoy a cup of tea and a scone in their tea room, as well as quaint shops.
  • Unique Trivia: Globe trot with their diverse range of plants, from tropical orchids to a house of cacti.
  • Type of Walker: Not interested in the pristine house and gardens? This National Trust site offers the best of both, meaning you can lose yourself in a trek across the 90 acres of parkland and enjoy a rigorous walk.

Northern Ireland

Giant’s Causeway

The Giant's Causeway
The Giant’s Causeway

Created by a volcanic eruption, this snapshot of coast has 40,000 columns and is one of Northern Ireland’s most popular sites. Explore this natural beauty from a range of angles, take hikes and, of course, stumble across a giant’s boot.

  • Facilities: You can take part in the interactive exhibition as well as an audio guide. Need warming up? You can also pick up coffee to go and find a number of parking options nearby the site.
  • Unique Trivia: There are 6 top sights to look out for when you journey across the causeway. From the Giant’s Boot to the magical Wishing Chair.
  • Type of Walker: Being an agile walker is essential as you roam the wake of giants. This is also one for the avid walkers, with a 5-mile hike available across the cliff top.


When visiting Scotland National Trust sights, be aware that they offer separate National Trust of Scotland memberships. But do not be dissuaded. These Scottish landscapes are worth the money.

Greymare’s Tail Nature Reserve

Grey Mare's Tail
Grey Mare’s Tail

Take in the UK’s highest waterfall at a whopping 60m and marvel at the glacial erosion as the stream cuts through the Scottish hills. At some peaks, you can take even take in breath-taking views as far as the Lake District and Northumberland.

  • Facilities: Although far out, there is accessible parking available, as well as audio guides.
  • Unique Trivia: Bring your binoculars, because there’s plenty of wildlife to tick off your list on your trek. From majestic feral goats to peregrine falcons.
  • Type of Walker: This is one for the committed walker. Dust your hiking boots off, invest in some walking sticks and take in this stretch of awe-inspiring land.

Greenbank Garden

Want something a bit closer to civilisation? Why not visit Greenbank Garden, situated in the outer parts of Glasgow. Take a break from the fast-paced nature of city life and relax in tranquil gardens with stunning plants to see all year round and plenty of different walks to venture through.

  • Facilities: Choose between self-guided and guided tours and also hire out the space for private functions.
  • Unique Trivia: There is a huge 568 different types of daffodil, so ensure you make your visit in the spring to take them all in.
  • Type of Walker: Ideal for the whole family, enjoy the urban gardens all year round and enjoy a steady trot to see all the different varieties of plants.

From taking it easy in stately homes and well-maintained gardens to treks through acres of undisturbed land. National Trust sites really do offer everything. So if you fancy an afternoon stroll with a spot of lunch at a homely café with excellent portions, why not wander across these National Trust spots and see more of the beautiful UK.

Alice is a writer for Discount Promo Codes, a website which helps you save money on your online shop at fantastic retailors, including Fife Country and National Trust. When she’s not writing, Alice enjoys reading, blogging and National Trust days with her family.

Top National Trust Sites for Walking
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