gate-to-the-countrysideApart from the fact that country dwellers are much happier than their city counterparts it turns out they are much better off too. There are no doubts that living in the country can positively affect your mental and physical health for the better, but your wallet too?

Living for Less

There are the obvious reasons the country saves you money, houses cost less for a start and although that may mean travelling expenses are increased, they’re also offset by the quality of life and other ways that living in the country can be good for your pocket.

Reduced rent and house prices can save you so much money, whether you’re just moving an hour out of the city, settling in so-called “Mini London” like Bath or going fully rural the costs of living in the country are considerably smaller than those in the city. Council tax too is less in rural areas but money saving isn’t limited to government-centric costs.

Saving on FuelBLOGA

Savings can be found in the country in the most unexpected areas. Living near a copse means picking up fallen fuel for wood burning stoves, some places will offer offcuts for free just for the purpose of clearing it out, another good tip is to look out for overhead cables as this means the council will occasionally pop round to clear the area, more free fuel! The savings continue as using a wood burning stove for just 2 days week makes a saving of 10% a year.

Grow your Own



Savings on groceries are easy, you can grow your own fruit and veg, swap produce with neighbours, keep chickens (For £3 you can adopt a battery hen and give them a great life in exchange for eggs (there are tips and advice on this available on the internet.) Even just buying eggs from farms locally will work out cheaper, and the products tend to be fresher and more flavourful than you would get from your standard supermarket. If you’re dedicated enough, foraging is also a great way of building reserves. I personally spent many a lot of time gathering local brambles and assorted fruits, for jams and desserts as well as gathering wild garlic which was everywhere in the Scottish Borders and who doesn’t like Sloe Gin?

No Distractions

Without the endless chain stores of coffee shops and distracting fast food places, there’s a good chance you will be saving money, probably by relying on home cooking and baking. According to a report, people who live in the countryside tend to have more savings than their urban counterparts, could this be the reason why?

No Kidding


Activities for the kids in the countryside will cost a lot less, simply because there are more things to explore and do for free. Long walks, outdoor activities and exploring or teaching your new fishing buddy the basics of catching trout, all come with an extra bonus, as they’re sure to tire the kids out! How can you complain about more time spent outside and less time in front of a games console?

Healthy Balance

It could even be argued that the health benefits of living in the country could also mean savings on pharmaceuticals. However, that could possibly work out as a cost, as country dwellers live on average two years longer than people in more urban areas


Taking the dive into country life doesn’t have to be completely aspirational, but could be construed as just a simple act of common sense. With so many ways to save money, I would call it a sound investment.

by Stephanie Hall

6 Ways You Can Save Money by Relocating to the Countryside